This Ugly Piece of Crap Might Be The Batwing In THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

Is this ugly thing a new piece of ugly Batman tech or just a regular old ugly thing in the new Batman movie?

I would normally just ignore this, but the designs in Christopher Nolan’s Batman films have been so ugly, so weird and so generally lame that I sort of believe that maybe this is the Batwing after all.

There have been reports of Batman having a new vehicle in The Dark Knight Rises, and everybody assumes it’s the Batwing. And now they’re assuming that the ugly twisted thing seen driving around Pittsburgh is said Batwing. Or a piece of it, maybe. I think it looks like a piece of the Tumbler which is being toted to a location, possibly to set up a destroyed Tumbler set. But I guess it makes sense that the  Batwing would share the same bone ugly design sense as the Tumbler.

You know, Mr. Nolan, it’s okay to have things in your Bat movies be ‘cool.’

via Batman News, from Brian Henne