Dust Off The Same Old Jokes: Mike Myers Is Signed For AUSTIN POWERS 4

Oh behave you shagadelic tarts, let’s get some sharks with frickin’ lasers on their… oh Christ, I can’t even.

Drew McWeeny at HitFix has broken a late in the day scoop based on a deal that he says just went down: Mike Myers has signed on to star in Austin Powers 4. It’ll be the first new Austin Powers movie in a decade, with Goldmember having hit way back in 2002.

Does this mean that the jokes that the Austin Powers films used again and again will now seem somewhat fresh, having been put away for a decade? I’m curious what the public appetite for the return of this character is almost 15 years after he debuted. The audience who ‘grew up’ with the character is hitting 30 now! Will the younger kids give a shit?

The big question: which broad, make-up enhanced and catchphrase oriented characters will Myers play this time around? And will his name or features be some kind of juvenile dick joke?

To be fair, Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery contains one of my favorite jokes of all time, one I repeat frequently around the house. Any guesses?