Holy Hunter of Music Videos

April brings you the latest in music videos, including ones that reference PORTAL 2, PLANET OF THE APES and even THE FRIGHTENERS.

“Exile, Vilify” was created exclusively for first-person puzzle-platform video game, Portal 2, by Brooklyn based heavyhearted indie rock outfit, The National. Following its release, the game developers over at Valve Corporation held a fan made video contest, and below is the rightful title-holder, C.F. Meister’s, simple yet potent interpretation.

The unibrow’d sock puppet will receive an unannounced award from me for “Saddest Button Eyes Since Coraline’s ‘Other Mother’”.

However stunning, this sci-fi epic Hooray for Earth video for “True Loves” is practically a fossil having originally hit the almighty global system of connected networks in April. My middle name is “Oldnews”, so I’m still digging it on multiple levels. Directed by LA based production team (to watch) of two, Young Replicant, and beautifully shot on an AF100 operated by Tom Banks (get down and nerdy with his production notes and behind the scenes frame grabs here). I’m delighted to report that it’s in heavy rotation on MUSIC TELEVISION and contains a loose Planet of the Apes reference.

I hereby predict a “Your mama’s a loose Planet of the Apes reference!” in the comment section.

Last but certainly not least is the a far more laugh inspiring than hair-raising haunted video from Jordan Kim for Toro Y Moi’s “How I Know”. Watch as fetching, puckish, bubble blowing twin Frighteners-esque specters welcome those (one being “too gay to function” Damian from Mean Girls) who enter their abode uninvited.

As always, turn me onto any of your recent favorites should you feel inspired to share.