Keep On Walkin’: Can You Name The Backs Of These Heads In This Video Mash-Up?

Yes, it’s one of those supercuts, but this one is pretty fun. How many movies can you name?

I’m really picky when it comes to the supercuts that are so popular on the web these days, but this one which just landed in my inbox appeals to me. First of all, it’s set to a GREAT Edwin Starr song, so it’s worth watching just for the music. And I like the game aspect of it; the editor has smashed together a bunch of shots where the camera is following behind someone who is walking or running, and you try to name as many as possible. As always with these things it leans heavily on recent clips, and I deduct points for having Inception twice, but otherwise this is a strong and fun example of the usually overdone supercut. I especially like the pacing of the clips - there’s a propulsive aspect (which I guess goes along with the basic concept, huh?).