AMC Orders Final 16 Episodes Of BREAKING BAD

AMC stops pinching their pennies just long enough to come to terms with one of its most popular shows.

Breaking Bad is the next show I have to get started watching, and knowing that it’s coming to an end actually helps. The AMC show about a chemistry teacher turned drug lord has been popular with all my friends - ie, the cooler people in society - but the network has been penny pinching when it came to a renewal. The producers threatened to take the show elsewhere, and FX was possibly interested, but now it looks like the final 16 episodes will air on AMC.

But will they air as one season? Apparently AMC is considering breaking that final 16 up to milk another season from the show, a la the final episodes of The Sopranos.

This doesn’t mean the drama is over - now creator and show runner Vince Gilligan must renegotiate his deal, since his contract only goes up to season four. Also possibly renegotiating is star Bryan Cranston.

via Deadline