Lose The Rest Of Your Day Exploring The Map Of Metal!

To the west lays the islands of Hard Rock, while to the east there is Oriental Metal and the New Wave Of American Heavy Metal. In between are the lands of Heavy Metal, and now they are mapped, and ready to be explored. Interactively.

What is the geography of heavy metal? The interactive Map of Metal attempts to answer that, giving a lay of the land of the many different genres that nestle inside the heading ‘heavy metal.’ This map, created by Patrick Galbraith and Nick Grant is a stunningly vast look at how different genres of metal relate to each other in sound and in history. You can scroll around and check out the earliest beginnings of metal, listening to Black Sabbath tracks, and you can follow the threads of history and style through sound and time, sampling Doom Metal, Hardcore Punk (an island to the north of the main body of heavy metal), Folk Metal, Black Metal, Melodic Power Metal and more.

While the groupings on the map are interesting (and you can buy a wall version of the map here), it’s the history and the embedded video clips that will have you spending the rest of your day screwing around on the Map of Metal. Each genre includes up to dozens of tracks that give you an understanding of what we’re talking about when we talk about Glam Metal, for instance.

Click here to sail your Viking ship to the lands of Heavy Metal.via

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