Bane Does Karaoke

What do you think Bane’s karaoke jam is? I bet it’s Common People by Pulp.

This is such a good picture. It’s from last week, when The Dark Knight Rises was shooting in that football stadium in Pittsburgh. I guess I could say I think this is interesting because it shows off that Tom Hardy’s tattoos have not been covered for Bane… unless he’s actually wearing a coat in the real shots. This seems to be like Hardy is reading off a lottery number, like maybe they were giving prizes to fans in the stands.

I like the huge influx of pictures from The Dark Knight Rises because I like demystification. Christopher Nolan remains so distant, ensconced in his own world far from our own, and his films get treated with such reverence and seriousness that seeing Bane either belting out karaoke (the number he is holding was his track selection!) or reading off a lottery winner or something is actually refreshing. It doesn’t have to be so serious all the time.

via Dark Horizons