Bradley Cooper Realizes He’s Grossly Unfit For THE CROW

Sigh in relief, goths - consummate jock guy Bradley Cooper will not be Eric Draven.

Here’s what passes for good news in today’s world of relentless remakes: Bradley Cooper is off The Crow. The actor, who was manifestly the incorrect choice to play Eric Draven, has stepped off the project because of scheduling conflicts - he’ll be playing Lucifer in the very silly looking Paradise Lost at the same time that Relativity wanted to shoot The Crow.

Whew. While I don’t really care to see a remake of The Crow, I at least want one where the casting makes some small modicum of sense. Cooper was always wrong for the role. But it turns out his replacement may be just as wrong - Relativity is going back to Mark Wahlberg and Channing Tatum to fill the role. We’ll see who ends up wearing the clown paint.

via The Hollywood Reporter