Image Comics Is Putting Out a Truther Comic Called THE BIG LIE

One time SWAMP THING and BRATPACK writer Rick Veitch turns his eyes to the secrets of 9/11.

There’s no talking sense to Truthers, though, because they’re like fundamentalist religious types in that they think they know better than ‘scientists’ and ‘engineers.’ Like religious types, Truthers (and other conspiracy wackos) are afraid of the chaos of reality and so they turn to fairy stories of structure and meaning for comfort. It’s less scary for a Truther to think that the US government kills its own people out of evil than to think that the US government is essentially foolish and incapable of protecting us. The idea of competent evil is far less scary than  the reality of incompetent goonery.

Anyway, Veitch’s book isn’t just a Truther comic, it looks like a really fucking boring Truther comic. A woman comes back in time to the morning of the attacks and tries to convince her husband, who works in the North Tower, to evacuate. From the description at Bleeding Cool and the pages below, it seems like this is accomplished by standing around a conference room and presenting the ‘evidence’  to her husband. That’s a comic book story? It sounds like a radio play. Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool seems to have read the comic and loved it, saying there’s a big twist that will make Truthers cream their shorts or some other unpleasant metaphor, but I find it hard to believe a 30 page comic featuring people talking about that stupid Loose Change documentary is particularly compelling. This is a comic, where budgets are unlimited - why not tell a story about the demolitions team that supposedly blew up the buildings, or the tale of what really happened to United 93, since Truthers think it was shot down by the US government? Why not use the comic book medium to tell a dynamic story?

I have to admit that I’ll be checking this comic out, but I’ll be Byrne-stealing it at Secret Headquarters when it’s released first week of August.