Insane Precision Driving On The Universal Studios Backlot

Check out this unbelievable stunt driving through the landmarks of the Universal Studios backlot.

If you’re ever in LA you should visit the Universal Studios backlot. Yeah, it’s pretty touristy, but it’s the right kind of touristy. Especially for movie nerds.

Hopefully your time on the backlot won’t be spent dodging a guy  in a souped up Ford Fiesta doing manifestly unsafe driving. Manifestly unsafe but so, so cool. This video is an ad for sneakers or something, but who cares - skip to about 1:25 and jump over the dumb parts where they sell you clothes and just watch Ken Block do some stunning driving.

This video was shot over the course of five days and it brings you through the best sights at Universal, including the Bates Motel (I have a friend who dated the guy who plays Norman Bates in front of the Bates Motel. Might even be him in this video!), Bruce the Shark and even the Epic Meal Time guys.

Thanks to Tim for the link.