Christ, They Just Will Not Stop Making These UNDERWORLD Movies

The fourth UNDERWORLD movie gets all scifi and futuristic. Enjoy the trailer for UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING.

There is going to be a fourth Underworld movie! Actually, there already is one, as they have shot it and are preparing to release it. Who is this ‘they,’ you ask? Why, the minions of Satan, of course.

Anyway, I guess the fourth film in the series is the scifi installment after nobody gave a shit about the prequel installment, Rise of the Lycans. Kate Beckinsale, unable to get a real career off the ground, returns as Selene, except this time she’s been in cryosleep for 12 years and the whole world has changed. It can’t have changed that much since everything is still shitty looking and everybody is still wearing tight pleather and the lighting is still bad.

Here’s some futuristic action as this moronic franchise attempts to reinvent itself with Underworld: Awakening: