Nerd Alert: A List of DC Universe Football Teams That Should Have Been In THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

DC Comics has a rich heritage of fictional cities with fictional sports teams. Here are some who could have been in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES as a small wink to hyper nerds. Like me.

I don’t think there are any spoilers here, but just in case you don’t want to know ANYTHING about The Dark Knight Rises don’t read any further. And sorry that I spoiled there’s a football game in the headline, but it’s like national news that the film was shooting in a football stadium with the Steelers playing football players.

ANYWAY. The football game in The Dark Knight Rises is between the Gotham Rogues and the Rapid City Monuments. This disappoints me for two reasons. One, the comics have established that Gotham has sports teams, none of which are called the Rogues. There are the Gotham Giants, who became the Gotham Knights. And there are the Gotham Wildcats, who became the Gotham Goliaths (yes, I looked this up). Any of these would have been fine names for the team in the movie, and would have been a nice comic book callback.

But what really bums me out is that Rapid City is a real town, and it’s the home of Mount Rushmore, so that’s why the team is called the Monuments. Why isn’t this team from a fictional DC city? One of the coolest parts of the DC Universe is that it’s full of fictional cities that have been really defined over the decades. Here are some of the sports teams who could have been going against the Gotham Rogues:

Opal City Corsairs (although they’re hockey)

Stat City Stags

Star City Rockets

Metropolis Meteors

Metropolis Metros

Keystone Kings (baseball team, but a good name)

Keystone City Salamanders (baseball again, but too weird a name not to mention)

Central City Cougars

Coast City Sharks

St. Roch Hawks (I made that one up, but St. Roch is a fake DC city and it’s the home of Hawkman!)

Blüdhaven Brawlers (this would have been especially cool for comics fans, as Blüdhaven is Nightwing’s city)

Fawcett City Thunder (basketball team, but any SHAZAM! reference in a Nolan movie would be hilarious)

And these are just the teams who have been established. DC is filled with even more fake cities and towns, any of which would make for a wonderful easter egg in this film. I know that Christopher Nolan doesn’t want his movies crossing over with the rest of the DC Universe, but surely this could have been a fun and simple way to wink at the comic fans?