Ridley Scott Returns To BLADE RUNNER

That’s pretty much all we know. The rest of this article is just me wasting space on the internet. Which isn’t that different from most other articles here…

Deadline is reporting that Ridley Scott will be returning to the world of Blade Runner for a film he will produce and direct.

That’s it! If you’re only interested in reading hard facts, you can stop here - Deadline really rushed to press on this story without bothering to get all the details, so we’re just going to have to amuse ourselves by filling everything else in.

Well, we do know that this new Blade Runner, whether it be prequel or sequel or reboot, is coming from Alcon Entertainment. I think they’ve never made an all-the-way good movie, although I believe that Book of Eli is aight. You guys think that Insomnia, which they made years and years ago, is their best movie. Somebody else reading this right now probably thinks Racing Stripes is their best movie, because you know, opinions are diverse in the world.

There’s no script. There’s no official concept, just ‘Ridley Scott coming back to Blade Runner.’ It’s almost like he’s rebooting his career, what with him having just finished shooting Prometheus, a movie set in the Alien universe. This means we’re up for a rebootquel of Legend next.