State Of The Badass Report

Your faithful Badass In Chief checking in with some site updates, and looking for your feedback.

Happy August, everybody. Last year at this time I was sending emails to Tim League, Henri Mazza and Roger Tinch dreaming up the web site that you see before you right now. Not everything that I envisioned for Badass Digest has yet come to pass, but as we approach our one year anniversary and continue growing I hope to be able to start delivering on some of the bigger ideas. I want more beer and food coverage, I want a wider net cast on international films, and more book, video game and TV coverage. We’re still aiming to be the movie site that gives you so much more than just movies.

In the meantime I wanted to update you on where we stand. You may have noticed that the site is slightly slow. We’re taking steps to fix this right now; it may be a couple of weeks before these steps are implemented, but know that we’re aware and are taking action to improve site performance.

We’re also working on some cosmetic tweaks that will hopefully make your reading experience more enjoyable. I want to make sure that this site is easy for you to read and easy for you to use. If there are any ideas, thoughts or complaints that you have I’d really be interested in hearing them. Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments below or to send me an email at devin at

We also have been growing our community, which makes me really happy. I love seeing the same folks delivering smart, funny comments every day; besides the money I make, the trips I take, the access I get, the drugs I am given, the women who flock to me, the power I accumulate and the sleep I get this is my favorite thing about the site. For the time being we’re sticking with the Disqus system, but if there are any comments or thoughts you have about how to improve our community, let me know. Your feedback and interaction is really important to me. I like starting conversations, and it’s great reading how you guys continue them.

Finally, feel free to let me know what you like and want more of, content-wise. I’ll always curate this site according to my own tastes - I honestly think it’s the best way to do my job because it leads to better content and more engagement - but I am interested in what you guys like and want to see more.

Oh wait, that wasn’t finally. Finally is here: please be sure to support us through social networks. It’s easy - all you have to do is Like our page on Facebook and when the spirit moves you, share our articles via Twitter and Facebook and StumbleUpon and whatever other social media outlets you have. If you wanted to sign up for our email newsletter that would be appreciated as well; it goes out weekly at best, and it’s written by our own Meredith Borders, so it isn’t soulless regurgitation of links. You can find that sign up box to the top right of this or any other page. Our Twitter feed is curated by Roger Tinch, who includes all sorts of cool links to other sites so it isn’t just self-promotion spam. You can follow us at @badassdigest.

Thanks for reading this site for the last ten months if you’ve been here from the beginning, or the last few days if you’re new to us. I’ve been having more fun here at Badass than I ever have at any job I’ve held, and I hope you’ve been enjoying the ride as well. We’re just getting started and we’re growing faster than I ever hoped. You guys are the coolest.