The BEST WORST MOVIE People Are Now Investigating Haunted Houses. The Fun Kind.

Every year hardworking regular people turn their homes into houses of horror for Halloween. A new doc wants to spotlight their work - and if you’re a haunted houser, they want to meet you.

The haunted house remains one of the great local traditions of Americana. No, I’m not talking about the actually haunted old spooky house but the regular house or barn that gets converted into a spookatorium in order to terrify and delight the local population. As chain stores and strip malls take over the American landscape, the haunted house remains something that feels organically of the community.

Magic Stone Productions - the people behind the amazing Troll 2 documentary Best Worst Movie, including director Michael Paul Stephenson - is working on a documentary about just that subject. As of yet untitled, this doc will focus on the people who - often for little to no money - set up local haunted houses. An official synopsis:

October 31 has always been the target for mischief, monsters and – above all – FUN. But  this dedication to Halloween mayhem isn’t just carried out by costumed children and prank-crazed teens. From the suburbs to the cities, there’s a tremendous world of devoted adults who spend the better part of each year transforming their homes into spine-tingling, heart-stopping Houses of Horror… or at least they give it their best shot. Beyond all the fog machines, plastic fangs, fake blood, coffins and cobwebs, there’s a story about passionate die-hards who live to scare.

What’s worth reporting here is that the Magic Stone people are looking for YOUR local haunted house. Do you turn your garage into a torture chamber? Do aliens invade your front yard every Halloween? If so, go to and let them know about your ghoulish goings ons so they can possibly include you and your handiwork in their doc.

Oh, and the Alamo’s own Zack Carlson has come onboard as a writer and a producer, so hopefully we’ll be getting a first-hand look at some of these amazing local haunted houses.