Tony Scott Has No Decency, Wants To Remake THE WILD BUNCH

Can’t they just leave Sam Peckinpah alone?

It’s a shit year for Sam Peckinpah. The remake of Straw Dogs is about to hit, and there’s a remake of The Wild Bunch coming. At this rate Shawn Levy is going to be attached to a remake of Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia starring Kevin James.

Anyway, Tony Scott is boarding the remake of The Wild Bunch, Peckinpah’s seminal film and one of the great Westerns of all time. It’s a film that redefined screen violence and also served as an elegy for the traditional Western. As a remake it makes no sense in any real way, and Tony Scott couldn’t be any more wrong for the material - I’m just picturing Denzel Washington in the William Holden role and the camera spinning dizzily around him for 2 hours.

Scott’s been attached to remakes that have gone nowhere before - he was going to do a massively wrongheaded ‘realistic’ remake of The Warriors a few years back. The Wild Bunch still has plenty of time to fall apart, especially as the movie he really wants to do next is Hell’s Angels, a fact-based film that, according to Deadline, is “set around the Laughlin riots of 2001 when the Angels were caught up in a war with rival gang The Mongols. The drama revolves around a friendship that develops between [Sonny] Barger and a young drifter mechanic with a gift for fixing motorcycles.” Scott wants Jeff Bridges for Sonny, but he has to wait for the actor to be done with his music tour (which is apparently really good!) and wrap on RIPD.

In the meantime enjoy the real The Wild Bunch. You can buy it on Blu by clicking below.