Go To The Movies: The Weekend Movie Discussion

As the summer staggers to the finish line the studios spit bad movies at us. In 3D, no less.

This week we will not have a Summer Movie Ranking! I am really caught up with some real life bookkeeping that is kicking my ass, so I don’t have the time to work out the list. But I’ll have one next week for the official end of summer Go To The Movies thread. Not that any of you are weeping about it anyway.

It’s a shitty week at the movies! There are a couple of major releases: Fright Night 3D which I hated. Here’s my review; my buddy Mr. Beaks at Ain’t It Cool wrote a nice takedown, and I loved this line: “The single-take minivan attack is a triumph if you enjoy watching actors being terrorized by pre-vis.” I didn’t write about that scene in my review, but I wish I had - it’s one of the worst scenes of its kind I have ever seen. The composite of the in-studio minivan interior with the largely CGI exterior is dismal. I’ve seen better fake driving in 40s B-movies. And the scene, like the rest of the film, is terribly, slackly paced.

Also opening this weekend is Conan the Barbarian 3D. Lionsgate did not screen this for reviewing press in LA, only junket press, so I did not see it. I have heard it’s pretty bad, but I would like to get out and see it this weekend. Maybe after I do D23 tomorrow.

Then there’s Spy Kids 4. Did you even know this was opening? It’s amazing how this movie has just sneaked out into theaters. The gimmick this time is that it’s in Smell-O-Vision, like John Waters’ Polyester. One Day, a romance starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, also opens this weekend.

Most interestingly, Attack the Block goes wider. If you haven’t seen it check it out this weekend as it’s many, many more cities! It’s my favorite film of the year, for real.