Here’s The Magneto In Drag Scene That Was Mercifully Left Out Of X-MEN: FIRST CLASS

Check out Fassbender in a red wig and a blue dress… I think he’s hotter when dressed as a man.

I loved X-Men: First Class, but I wonder how I would have felt if this deleted bit had been included in the finished film. This scene, which is included on the upcoming home video release, takes place when Charles and Xavier are recruiting Angel at a strip club. In the finished film we see Magneto show off his power, but Charles never uses his abilities. It turns out he did but Matthew Vaughn wisely cut it from the film.

Although if you’ve been dying to see Michael Fassbender in drag this could have greatly improved the film for you.

Click here to watch because EW doesn’t want to let me embed.

Thanks to Brian Henne for the link.