I Hope You’re Happy With Yourselves: TRANSFORMERS 3 Returning To IMAX Theaters

Hey everybody, let’s go see it again. Maybe it’ll make more sense this time!

Well, you’ve gone and done it. You’ve spent enough money to see Transformers: Dark of the Moon that Paramount thinks people actually like this movie, and they’re bringing it back out for a re-release. Just in time for the next big nostalgia wave, where we’re all supposed to look back fondly at July of this year, I guess.

The film will be smashing into 246 IMAX theaters for a two week run. The movie has made a stunning 348 million dollars domestic, so I guess Paramount is trying to get it over the nice round 350? It’s made over a billion bucks global. Think about those numbers.

Maybe Transformers: Dark of the Moon actually is beloved. I have never gotten the sense that people actually love these films - they just sort of see them out of a dutiful concept of ‘this is what we do in the summer,’ - but maybe Paramount is right and there are people who want to re-experience the noise, the confusion and the stupidity in theaters again. “We can’t wait for home video,” these people say. “We need to see John Malkovich tickled by a robot again IMMEDIATELY!”

Or maybe Paramount is just playing dirty pool against Dreamworks, who left them for Disney, and who has Real Steel coming out a few weeks after this IMAX run ends. They could be spitefully muddying the waters for the next robot movie, trying to take away the public’s taste for steel on steel action. I doubt it, but I like to imagine that decisions at big studios are made with the level of wisdom of cliquish high school cheerleaders.