Warning: STAR WARS Blu-Rays May Contain Additional Tinkering With The Original Trilogy

George Lucas continues to be pathologically unable to just let these movies be.

We know know that the Star Wars Blus will contain only the Special Edition versions of the Original Trilogy, and that the version that many of us grew up on - the actual, original theatrical version - will not be available. But you should know that the Blu-rays will actually contain further messed with versions of the Special Editions.

Bill Hunt of the Digital Bits had a chance to preview the Star Wars Blus and he comes away with this message:

Once again, George has apparently added a few new “surprises” into these films. I don’t know what they are and didn’t get to see any of them on Friday, but I was assured that there will be “new things to notice” when we watch the films.

One of these new ‘surprises’ is certainly an all-CGI Yoda in The Phantom Menace, but who really gives a shit about that. What I’m concerned about is further tampering with the Original Trilogy. It seems to me wildly unlikely that he is leaving these films alone, especially as they have been further cleaned up and audio corrected after the 2004 DVD release. Some of those corrections are welcome, though - check out the Digital Bits to see how the Blu version restores the light sabers to their original color and concept.

I have to admit I’m a touch disappointed in myself; Hunt talks about extensive deleted scenes from the Original Trilogy, which will only be available on the Complete Saga box set, and I find myself wanting to order that. I’m very intrigued by the Archives that will be included, which will be a fairly comprehensive look at the Original Trilogy. I don’t want to own the Prequels at all, and I’m not even that jazzed to watch the Original Trilogy again, but the idea of seeing new Star Wars related material intrigues the film historian in me.

Do you think it’s possible that Lucas has gone back and fucked with the Original Trilogy a little bit more? And why does he hate my desire to pay him money for the theatrical editions of these films?