Holy Hunter of Music Videos

April checks in with the latest and greatest music videos.

If Best Coast keeps this up, I’m going to feel even more like their redundant street team of one. Because between this, the cat video and recent teen gangst - I’m sold. The video for “Gone Again” (Dir. Daniel Garcia) was created in tandem with a free track download as part of the Adult Swim 2011 Singles Program and that particular album plus artwork is still available (legally!) for zero clams

Watch as feline masked babes position themselves steadily on the front lines of the gender war, armed and dangerous, with a delectable fusillade fit for blindfolded men baring sweet teeth. Before you exhaust yourselves searching, I better just tell you now that the S’mores gun is no longer available at REI. Hey, I checked.

For those of you unfamiliar, Baxter Dury is the son of the late protopunk legend Ian Dury (& the Blockheads). And “Claire” is tugged from his newest, third album by the name of Happy Soup (Regal Records). The title reflects a notable, sanguine shift in tone compared to songs you’ll find on Len Parrot’s Memorial Lift or Floor Show and the addition of both to your collection is highly recommended.

Danny Sangra directed quite a charmer with a spotlight on a thankfully temporarily neck tattooed Baxter in a La Nouvelle Vague inspired black and white romance.

Do you remember British electronic duo, Plaid? It’s amazing how their 1997 collaboration with Björk for “Lilith” off of Not for Threes still holds up, but I’ll admit some of their other, older offerings have me echoing my father’s sentiment. Read: “That just sounds like computers crashing!”

“35 Summers” is a twinkly, minimal teaser track for their highly anticipated Warp Records release coming this September, Scintilli (translated: “I am many sparks”). Director, Richie Burridge, submerges ethereal beauty, Natasha Lau, into octopus infested waters where I’m told the mollusc answers to “Sukka”.

Despite woman and cephalopod’s sometimes controversial reputation as a couple, the video is entirely SFW and void of any “shokushu gouka”. That means exactly what you think it means. Watch patiently throughout the end and you’ll be just as hungry as I am for tako sashimi.

Trade your recent favorites in the comments, please.