New MAN OF STEEL Photos Show Villainess Faora, Underpants-less Superman

Spy pics reveal costume details and villains!

1) Confirmation that Michael Shannon’s Zod will have a mocap component (and these latest pics show him with sensors on his head, indicating he’s all CGI). At least I’m assuming that’s Michael Shannon. It sort of doesn’t look like him in the one pic where we can see his face. Could there be a CGI character in this who isn’t Zod?

2) Our first look at Faora, the Kryptonian villainess who seems a lot like Ursa from Superman II but isn’t, mostly because she has a different name. I really like that she has a cape.


3) A good look at Superman’s costume, which confirms the absence of red underpants. And speaking of capes, how great does his cape look? So big and impractical and awesome.

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