Watch A Modestly Shitty YouTube Stream Of THE GODFATHER Legally. I Think.

One of the greatest films ever made, now improved by having YouTube comments directly below it.

I watched a couple of minutes of the stream, and a great movie is a great movie no matter how you watch it. The quality is certain on par with, if not better than the TV and VHS presentations I grew up watching. I’m always amazed at how quickly people my age become A/V snobs - VHS and UHF used to be good enough for us!

If you’ve never seen The Godfather before you probably should seek it out in a better format (I know this contradicts what I just said, but I contain multitudes). For the rest of us, this will probably be the background noise for the remainder of our workday. Which, by the way, is the exact problem with movies delivered this way - they’re more like noise than they are features. I’m actually very gung ho about instant streaming - I love my Netflix - but something about seeing The Godfather embedded at YouTube is off-putting.