This Guy Is Fairly Committed To Tom Hardy’s Bane In THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

It’s a year before the movie opens and he’s tattooed Hardy’s Bane on his arm.

This guy is probably a member of the Mujahibatdeen. After all, he got a tattoo of Tom Hardy’s Bane based on spy photos taken on the set of The Dark Knight Rises. It’s a year before the movie is out, he’s seen essentially NOTHING of Hardy’s performance, and he’s immortalized character on his arm. Allahu Batman!

This was pointed out to me on Twitter, but I can’t find the handle of the person who sent it in (wait, now I can! It’s @tupacca). You can see more of his pics, including a few that indicate he could beat the shit out of me for snarking on him like this, at the Sideshow Collectibles message board.