Would You Eat Marky Mark’s Beef?

Get ready to munch on some Wahlburgers, Boston.

Mark and Donnie Wahlberg know no boundaries. Movie stars, pop stars, possibly possessors of three nipples - is there nothing the Wahlberg’s can’t do?

No! And they aim to prove that by opening a hamburger restaurant with their other brother, Paul. And the name of that restaurant?


Yes. They actually already have an Italian restaurant, called Alma Nove, named after their mom and the fact that she had nine kids. I am not making this up. They also plan to open a pizzeria. All of this is in Boston.

I live in what is probably the hamburger capitol of the universe, and I think Wahlburgers should get itself out here right now. I want to order a Wahlburger with a Funky Bunch of Fries on the side, please.

Boston Globe, via Twitter