The Final, Unproduced Script Jim Henson Wrote Is Becoming A Graphic Novel

A heady, adult story from the mind of the man behind the Muppets will get the graphic novel treatment this fall.

While Jim Henson is most famous for his Muppets, the man had other, weirder creative impulses. His earliest film work was highly experimental and very much of the 60s ‘head’ culture, and while he eventually became best known for stuff that was aimed at kids he apparently never put aside his desire to do odd, stream of consciousness projects. Before he died he was working on a script called A Tale of Sand. Here’s a synopsis of the script from the Muppet Wiki:

The protagonist of A Tale of Sand is a young man who is kicked out of a dusty town in the middle of an expansive desert with only a rucksack full of odds-and-ends to his name.

And now it’s being turned into a graphic novel. The folks at Archaia, who have been working on Henson comic titles like Fraggle Rock and the upcoming Labyrinth prequel comic, are making the script for A Tale of Sand into a comic. “It’s very perceptual, very kind of stream of conscious,” says Archaia publisher Mike Kennedy. “So we’re kind of factoring that into the art direction of the book as well… They’re doing some really nice stuff where they’re using color almost like a soundtrack. The style, the vibrancy, of the color will change.”

What’s really interesting is that A Tale of Sand will be using a font based on Henson’s own handwriting, so it will appear as though the late creator hand wrote it himself.

The  book will be released November 16th.

via the LA Weekly