Stephen King’s UNDER THE DOME To Be On The Tube Thanks To Steven Spielberg

King’s latest monstrously sized novel gets the TV series treatment.

Stephen King’s latest book, the massive (and in the end, massively disappointing) Under the Dome is, like so many other King properties, getting adapted. This time it’s coming to us as a TV series - a limited one, I assume.

The novel is about how a strange, invisible, unbreakable dome suddenly encases a town (if you guessed that town is in Maine, congrats! You’ve previously been exposed to the work of Stephen King), and what happens within it. For three quarters of the book King paints an interesting, escalating tale of societal terror, one which he just pointlessly fritters away at the end. The whole thing also reads an awful lot like a book written by someone hugely influenced by The Stand.

Spielberg and Dreamworks Television are bringing the show to life, with King executive producing. This feels a bit like post-Game of Thrones TV to me, taking a novel and adapting into a longform TV show. I like the idea, but I hope they fix the ending.

via Hollywood Reporter