WARRIOR To Sneak Preview Nationwide This Weekend

Lionsgate sees that it’s a shitty weekend for movies and gives the nation a one-screening sneak of their crowd-pleasing MMA film WARRIOR.

It’s a rough weekend at the movies - the new films are so shitty that they aren’t screening for critics, and the old stuff isn’t that inspiring. So what’s a movie fan to do this long weekend?

Lionsgate is doing a nationwide one-time sneak preview of Warrior, the MMA movie starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton. You gotta buy tickets - you can go to this site and see where it’s playing near you and buy tickets. 

Warrior is worth seeing, but I am a touch baffled at people who claim it’s one of the best of the year. It’s a hugely cliche-driven, blazingly obvious mash-up of every sports movie ever. In many ways the film feels like director Gavin O’Connor jammed a whole franchise worth of sports movies into one film; it’s almost a faithful retelling of the Rocky saga minus a robot butler. I’ll review the film before the sneak peek, but in the meantime my advice is see it if you can and if you’re okay with being ruthlessly manipulated.