ATTACK THE BLOCK’s Moses Will Attack DA BRICK As A Young Boxer For Spike Lee

John Boyega anchors the cast of a new HBO show.

John Boyega, the charismatic lead of Attack the Block, has booked his next role, and it’s an intriguing one. He’ll star in the ensemble HBO show Da Brick, based loosely on the life of Mike Tyson.

Spike Lee is executive producing the show, and Boyega will play Donnie, who the Hollywood Reporter describes as a boy who, “after his release from juvenlie detention on his 18th birthday begins an exploration of what it means to be a man for himself and those around him.” The show is also produced by Doug Ellin, who brought us the excreta of Entourage.

The show is set in Newark, known as Brick City, so Boyega will have to brush up on his American accent. He’ll also have to learn some boxing, as Donnie will be following Iron Mike’s footsteps in the ring.

What’s great is that this casting obviously came after Spike Lee saw Attack the Block opening weekend and flipped his shit for it on Twitter. It’s a pity that Screen Gems didn’t support the film better, because this is a movie that really appealed to an urban audience who simply wasn’t invited by the marketing. I know, I know - ‘What marketing?’