Miike’s Unwatchable NINJA KIDS Will Probably Be Remade In The US

The unbearable kiddie ninja comedy could be getting an English remake.

I didn’t review Takashi Miike’s Ninja Kids from the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal because I walked out of the movie about halfway through. Witless, irritating and stupid, Ninja Kids felt like Spy Kids 5: Ninja Kids, complete with all the Robert Rodriguez tone-deaf humor and on-the-nose slapstick (and also from-the-nose - one kid is always spraying snot from his nostrils. This is the funniest thing in the movie). Ninja Kids is what I call a screaming movie, where the comedy is mostly derived from lots of yelling and running back and forth in chaos. It sucks.

So it seems really appropriate that it’s getting remade in the US. The Hollywood Reporter says only that “a major production company” is in negotiations, but honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Rodriguez’s Quick Draw Productions was the company. The film seriously feels like a Rodriguez kids movie.