The Long-Delayed MARGARET Gets A Trailer

It’s been about a half decade since the film was shot, so what does MARGARET actually look like? Find out.

Something snapped into place finally and Fox Searchlight will be releasing the film at the end of this month. The first trailer has premiered, finally giving us a glimpse at the footage. There’s nothing in this trailer that tells me this is a film worthy of a half-decade’s tinkering, but I’m not willing to make judgments on this just on three minutes edited together by the marketing department.

Margaret stars Ann Paquin, from way before True Blood, and Mark Ruffalo, way way before The Avengers and Matt Damon, sometime during the original run of the Bourne movies, in a tale of grief and guilt surrounding the accidental death of a woman on a New York City street. Watch:

embed link via Slashfilm