Exclusive: Sam Shepard Talks BLACKTHORN In This Behind-The-Scenes Featurette

A five minute look behind the scenes of the new Western that tells the untold final story of Butch Cassidy.

When Sam Shepard, one of the great modern playwrights, says that the screenplay for Blackthorn is one of the best he has ever read… well, you gotta take that seriously. And he says just that in this behind the scenes featurette, provided exclusively to Badass Digest by Magnolia, about the new Western. Shepard plays an aging Butch Cassidy, years after his supposed death in Bolivia, going on one last adventure and attempting to get back home.

I’m pretty psyched for the film, which is on VOD right now. I’m waiting for the theatrical release on October 7th, though - big Westerns should be seen on the big screen!