Holy Hunter of Music Videos

April returns from the trenches with three new vidoes, including Charlotte Gainsbourg’s latest Beck-produced track.

Iceage, a vernal punk quartet out of Copenhagen, came across my radar after randomly hearing and loving the track “Broken Bone”. If you’re like me and have graduated to a non-gummy One A Day multivitamin, the wisest venue to explore their released in June album, New Brigade, is in your own home. Clocking in at an ADHD-friendly twenty-five minutes, the record boasts other greats like “You’re Blessed” featured in their disorderly US tour montage/music video below. Eerie trivia: They were each a mere twinkle in their makers’ eyes when the Warsaw track that inspired their name was released.

In their second collaboration since IRM, Gainsbourg and Beck have conjured up a highly anticipated (November) double album, Stage Whisper. Throw brilliant director, Nathalie Canguilhem, into the mix for an intense trifecta reflected in the music video for the title track, “Terrible Angels”. You, me and Batman know that no good can come of loitering in a parking garage at night. And my favorite Batman, Michael Keaton, knows the same can be said of cloning. CoughMultiplicitycough. Stick around until the end and witness something terrible happen to Charlotte Gainsbourg. Box office numbers reveal I’m not the only one into that sort of thing.

The video for Destroyer’s “Savage Night at the Opera” owes a nod to the quaint 1976 Claude LeLouche short, C’était un Rendezvous, if you trade Vancouver for Paris. Extract that global icon of France and I wouldn’t know the difference since I’ve never visited either. (I’ll take it another step in a less profound direction by stating it initially just reminded me of Road Rash.) Alas, director David Galloway sees the our rider through to a happy ending. Aww(wear a helmet, dummy).