Russell Crowe To Be Javert In LES MISERABLES

“Are you not entertained?” he sang.

The big problem with Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd was that almost no one in it could sing. You have to wonder how they got that movie going without taking the time to overcome that very huge issue.

For the adaptation of stage hit Les Miserables, singing will be less of an issue. Hugh Jackman is going to be playing Jean ValJean, the lead. ValJean is a man who was imprisoned for stealing bread to feed his hungry family; after he escapes prison he creates a new, successful and honest life, but Javert, a policeman, doggedly tracks him down.

Jackman can sing. And dance, although there’s not any real dancing in Les Mis. And now he has a nemesis who can at least sort of sing: Russell Crowe, lead singer of 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts, will be playing Javert. While Crowe ‘sings,’ I’m not sure he exactly has the pipes for Javert. Still, he’s better than anybody in Sweeney Todd.

Les Miserables should film early next year; Jackman needs to get this film done before jumping into the continuously delayed The Wolverine.

via Variety