IMAGINEERING: A Short Film About The Company Who Brought Monster Make-Up To Kids

The story behind the company that made Vampire Blood, Scar Stuf and Evil Teeth.

My friends and I got serious about make-up when we were about 12 or 13. We ordered liquid latex. We learned how to make life casts. We made our own blood. But before that, we did all of our work with Vampire Blood and Scar Stuf while wearing Evil Teeth - the wonderful, dime store make-ups available to Monster Kids all over the country.

This stuff was made by Imagineering and Daniel Roebuck (yes, big Hadfield from River’s Edge and Doc Arzt from Lost) has made a short documentary about the company. There may be a couple too many zany sound effects, but this film is a fun look back at an often forgotten segment of horror history.

Imagineering! from David Hansen-Sturm on Vimeo.

via Boing Boing