There Can Only Be One HIGHLANDER Remake Director: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

The director 28 WEEKS LATER will cut off some immortal heads.

The idea of remaking Highlander doesn’t faze me much. The original isn’t a particularly good film once you look at it with something like discernment, but the idea of immortals battling each other and having to cut one another’s heads off… that’s a concept.

A concept as immortal as Connor MacLeod himself, I guess, since Summit has announced Juan Carlos Fresnadillo as the director for their reworking of the 1986 Russell Mulcahey movie. The movie will start shooting in the spring of 2012. No word on whether they can coax Sean Connery out of retirement to play Ramirez again. I wonder if he’ll be any more convincingly Spanish at this point in his life.

I may actually be hopeful for a new Highlander because it’s being written by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, guys who did one draft or another of Iron Man but who also wrote a version of Punisher: War Zone. I think Highlander could be good if it’s about as nuts as War Zone. And if it keeps all the stupid alien stuff from Highlander II: The Quickening.

As for Fresnadillo: I didn’t really like 28 Weeks Later, and I remember liking Intacto way back in 2003, but I’ve seen 7000 movies since then and who can recall. I don’t have a great sense in my brain of what Fresnadillo’s style is, or what his Highlander might look like (since I’m assuming the style of 28 Weeks Later was at least partially influenced by the original film). So I’m open to him.

By the way, fuck fancasting. Let’s figure out who should cover the awesome Queen song from the original film: