Danny Butterman Fires His Gun In The Air And Shouts “AAAAAAAAAH” At POINT BREAK Remake

100% pure rehash!

Point Break is the latest film to get the remake treatment. Insert outrage here.

The seminal Keanu Reeves/Patrick Swayze movie is being remade by Alcon Entertainment and released through Warner Bros; apparently the setting has been changed from surfing bank robbers to extreme sports bank robbers, but that’s all we know for sure. Besides the fact that Kurt Wimmer, genius behind Ultraviolet and Equilibrium and Salt is writing.

Here’s what’s funny: Point Break has already been remade in the form of The Fast and the Furious. And that’s how Hollywood used to do its remakes - shameless rip-offs. I like that system a lot.

Now for the fancasting segment: what sorts of masks should the robbers wear in this one? Still presidential masks, but more recent presidents? Or some other pop cultural thing? This is the most important aspect of the Point Break remake, so weigh in below.