Holy LOL: Johnny Depp Sighted As Barnabas Collins In DARK SHADOWS

The King of Pop or the master of Collinwood Manor?

If you thought that Tim Burton and Johnny Depp were going to move away from their painfully pale and goth series of characters (Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, Willy Wonka, that puppet in Corpse Bride) when it came to Barnabas Collins, the centuries-old vampire at the heart of Dark Shadows... well, I don’t even know what you would have been thinking.

But maybe you were thinking that Barnabas wouldn’t look like yet another semi-mime character. In that case these set photos show you to be wrong. Unless you’re right and these set photos just show Barnabas slathered in sunblock so he can go outside in daylight. Actually, that’s a pretty decent explanation for the severe Noxema on Depp’s face.

It still doesn’t explain why he looks like Michael Jackson cosplaying as the Joker, exactly, but maybe we’ll assume he’s wearing SPF 3000.

Warner Bros, this might be a good time to release some official photos.

via celebuzz