How ENTOURAGE Should Have Ended

An alternate ending for HBO’s douchebag saga.

9/11/11 saw us remembering one national nightmare while celebrating the end of another - it was the last episode of Entourage, HBO’s show aimed at douchebags and dingbats. The show, which had so much promise at first, was anti-drama, without real characterization, and suffered from an inane view of the surface aspects of Hollywood. It was a show where actors doing coke was a big deal. How dumb was the show? The last scene had the characters all leaving LA on (private) jets and was set to Led Zeppelin’s Going to California.

Anyway, here’s how the show SHOULD have ended. Spoilers, I suppose, for the ending of a program that never once engaged in any real storytelling:

Discussion topic: will any of the Entourage actors ever again have meaningful work? How long before Turtle shows up as Customer #2 in a Long John Silver commercial?