Real Life Badasses: Utah’s Own Superhero Team Rescues A Man From Burning Wreckage

A group of regular people get together to perform an extraordinary feat of heroism.

This video is simply incredibe. Motorcyclist Brandon Wright got into a damn serious accident in Logan, Utah; his bike and the car he hit were engulfed in flames and he was trapped beneath the vehicle. A group of regular people on the street got together and lifted the car off Wright and then pulled his limp, broken body from beneath the wreckage.

All of it was captured on tape when a local university employee turned his camera, which was taping a lecture, onto the street. Which is also where all of the really irritating voice over comes from (I feel like this guy’s “OH MY GOOOOSH” is the new honeybadger, or whatever that stupid fucking meme was). The best bit is when a woman, seemingly in tears, criticizes the heroes - ‘Won’t someone give him CPR or something? Try and save his life!’ Because pressing on the guy’s chest wouldn’t just sends the shards of his shattered ribs into his heart.

Anyway! This is a great video to watch on silent and marvel at the simple heroism of ordinary people. Yeah, it’s pretty cool when the Avengers save  the world, but it’s even cooler when we get together and save each other.