TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN Trailer Plays It Big And Broad, Like James Whale Would

Is Bill Condon making his BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN?

It’s hard not to think about Bride of Frankenstein when watching the trailer for Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1. After all, director Bill Condon also made the wonderful Gods and Monsters, about Frankenstein and Bride director James Whale. And it seems like Condon is pulling on this film what Whale did on Bride, bringing big, campy broadness to the story. For Whale that meant he made a masterpiece, and I think for Condon it means he  might be making a Twilight movie with the heightened emotional vamping that most approximates how a tween readership actually experiences these stories. Condon has taken it all and  turned it up to 11.

Which isn’t to say it’s going to be good - working with this material is limiting in the extreme - but I think that Twilight: Breaking Dawn could be a truly bizarre, over the top experience.