DC’s THE SPECTRE Could Become A Fox TV Show

The superhero who happens to be the embodiment of the Wrath of God could get his own network TV gig.

Fox has commissioned a pilot script for a TV series about The Specter, DC Comic’s spirit of vengeance. The Spectre is a Golden Age character created in 1940 in the pages of More Fun Comics; when cop Jim Corrigan is murdered by mob lowlifes ‘The Voice’ sends him back to Earth in the guise of The Spectre to get revenge. Over time the character grew in power and scope; by the 1990s The Spectre was nearly omnipotent and was revealed as the embodiment of the Wrath of God. Let’s put it this way: The Spectre is the guy who slew all the firstborn of Egypt back in the day.

You have to assume that the Fox show, which will be written by Brandon Camp (who wrote the forgotten series John Doe, and is scheduled to make a new version of… Benji), will focus on a cop who sometimes turns into a supernatural crusader to Get The Job Done. It’ll probably be fairly uninteresting, which is too bad, as The Spectre is really one of the most fascinating superhero concepts ever. He’s also got one of the weirdest outfits - green cape, hood, boots and panties… and otherwise marble white and nude.

via Deadline