Every Old Guy In Hollywood To Be In EXPENDABLES 2, Including Nic Cage, JCVD And Chuck Norris

Sylvester Stallone confirms some rumored Expendables.

We had already reported to you the rumor that Chuck Norris and Jean Claude Van Damme might pop up in The Expendables 2, but now Sylvester Stallone has gone ahead and confirmed it. “We’ll have a big showdown between me and Van Damme, which has been anticipated for a long time, so it should be a good one,” he told EW, adding: “We’ve got Chuck Norris and I think Nic Cage.”

He thinks. Apparently the problem is that it’s tough making everybody’s schedules work, especially with the film shooting way out in Bulgaria. But maybe it also doesn’t help that he’s calling his cast has-beens*.

I like using people that had a moment and then maybe have fallen on some hard times and give them another shot. So we’re always looking for actors like Michael Biehn and Michael Pare. I like those kinds of guys. Someone did it for me and I like to see if I can do it for them.

Does Michael Biehn know he’s a has-been?

The real question is how many goddamn people will be in this movie? Maybe the Expendables will fight a superteam of evil 80s wash-outs, headed by JCVD. Although I remember Stallone once saying Bruce Willis would be the baddie. Still, I suspect nothing is written in stone because the nebulous casting information - Stallone seems to be willing to take anybody who is available - leads me to believe there is no script to this movie.

* No, I know they’re all has-beens. You just don’t call people that.