The Devin’s Advocate: I Just Remembered That THE HANGOVER PART II Came Out This Summer

Like a repressed memory of alien abduction, I suddenly remember seeing THE HANGOVER PART II.

I was doing some cleaning and found, tucked away behind a pile of unsorted DVDs, a flask with The Hangover Part II emblazoned on, a bit of swag from Warner Bros promoting the film.

The Hangover Part II,” I mused to myself. “It’s been so long since I thought about that movie.” And then I realized that movie came out on May 26th, just about four months ago.

Then I realized that people got so mad at me when I wondered ‘Who Are These People Who Are Excited About The Hangover Part II that it is still the most commented-upon article on this site. The eventual irony, of course, is that I ended up giving the movie a soft pass while most of moviedom was horrified to discover that it was a complete remake of the first film (ie, pretty much like most every other comedy sequel).

What’s really interesting about the way that The Hangover Part II slid off the mass consciousness is that it is, as of right now, the #3 movie of the whole year. And with Harry Potter behind us, I am guessing it stays in the top five when 2011 susses itself out. A movie that has fallen completely into the collective memory hole and it’ll be one of the top five films of 2011.

It looks like the movie is scheduled to hit home video in December; that’s a pretty big window these days (Thor and X-Men: First Class, which bookended Hangover, are both already out on home video). By the time The Hangover Part II arrives on DVD, people will have almost completely forgotten it exists, and they’ll see it in stores and be excited that there’s a sequel to that funny movie with the bearded guy and the baby, and they’ll buy and bring it home and put it on and then ten minutes in a sudden creeping realization will overcome them…