Duncan Jones’ second feature makes the quantum leap into TV.

Duncan Jones’ Source Code had Jake Gyllenhaal jumping into the reality of a dead man 8 minutes before the terrorist explosion that killed him. The mission: use those 8 minutes to find out who blew up the train, and then use that information to stop further attacks.

Now Grey’s Anatomy producer Mark Gordon (who also produced the movie) has sold the concept to CBS as a TV show. The Hollywood Reporter breaks the news but doesn’t give many other details, such as how the Source Code technology of the film will be used in the show - will it be a cop show, where detectives go into the reality of a murder victim 8 minutes before they die (this makes it seem like case should be quite open and shut)? Will it be more terrorist stuff? Is it going to get closer to Quantum Leap (an influence the movie homages very directly)? And will Duncan Jones have a hand in the show? The Reporter says that it’s three former federal agents who go into ‘tragic events,’ but that could just be a show about them reliving my prom.

And also, spoiler coming: will the show continue the conceit of having the jumper be a horrifically mutilated basket case? That would actually be interesting.