The Wars Of The Future Will Be Flame Wars

The Allied Forces and the Taliban take to Twitter to call each other names.

As Western forces and Taliban insurgents continue to trade bullets in Afghanistan their propaganda arms trade words in cyberspace. The world is getting more and more cyberpunk, and a heated exchange between the ISAF (International Security Assistance Force, the NATO-led multinational coalition in Afghanistan) media desk (@ISAFMedia) and a Taliban propagandist with the twitter handle @ABalkhibrings us right into some surreal territory.

The flame war broke out as a 20 hour Taliban assault on Kabul wound down. The two sides exchanged some pointed barbs, which you can read below. UNAMA is the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, and since the UN runs ISAF, @ABalkhi doesn’t believe their statistics.

Obviously sides trading barbs during war is nothing new, but what’s interesting is how the propaganda arms of each side in Afghanistan can pretty much call the other side an asshole directly to their cyber face. Also, I’m sure @ABALkhi is beyond 7 proxies, otherwise he dun goofed.

[blackbirdpie url=“!/ISAFmedia/status/113828941667631104”]

[blackbirdpie url=“!/ABalkhi/status/113840988698583040”]

[blackbirdpie url=“!/ISAFmedia/status/113843399555153920”]

[blackbirdpie url=“!/ABalkhi/status/113844926726406144”]

[blackbirdpie url=“!/ISAFmedia/status/113940351231852544”]

via the Guardian