The comedian offers a hypothetical GHOSTBUSTERS 3 casting scenario featuring himself… but is he just jerking us around?

UPDATED! John Hodgman took to Twitter to clear shit up:

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Below is the original article:

John Hodgman was on WFMU’s The Best Show, where he often appears, and he said this:

If you were hypothetically offered a role in Ghostbusters 3… would you take the role? Let’s say you’re [playing] sort of the dissolute son of Egon, the Harold Ramis character, and you’re kind of like John Candy in Splash, you’re kind of a mess. But it turns out you’re a natural ghost-whisperer, a natural psychic. But here’s the thing: Bill Murray’s not going to be in this movie, and probably not happy that you are. But you get to be in a major role, in a major movie and one of the greatest franchises of all time. Would you do it?

Well now. That certainly sounds like Hodgman has been offered a role in Ghostbusters 3 and is really weighing his options.

Or is that the case? There’s lots of horsing around on The Best Show, and Hodgman’s a real nerd. He knows that Ghostbusters 3 is an evergreen rumor source, and he could very simply be screwing with us. It would be funny if he were.

On the other hand the concept he describes sounds about exactly what I would expect from Ghostbusters 3…

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