See Leonardo DiCaprio Be Old And Fat In The J EDGAR Trailer

Clint goes for the Oscar gold again, this time with the story of douchebag J. Edgar Hoover.

Another awards season, another Clint Eastwood movie. I feel like when the Earth has been scrubbed clean of all organic life Clint and Woody Allen will remain, dutifully releasing a movie a year for a dead planet.

This year saw Woody pull out of a slump, releasing Midnight in Paris. Can Clint reverse the slump he’s been in since… Jesus, since 1992’s Unforgiven? Probably not, and he’ll probably get yet another Oscar nod for yet another boring, poorly put together (rushed, to be honest - he just blows through his movies. Hope Leo doesn’t like second takes) and kind of obvious movie. Armie Hammer looks pretty good as J Edgar Hoover’s sugarbaby Clyde Tolson, but I understand Clint was too skeeved out by that part of the J Edgar Hoover story to include it.

And so it comes down to Leo in a fat suit. And a score that sort of sounds like Philip Glass. Is it Philip Glass? I’m terrible at this game.

Anyway, your opinion may wildly diverge from mine. You might have thought Million Dollar Baby was totally tubular. Let me know in the comments.