Watch Terrence Malick In Action, Directing Christian Bale

Malick and Bale were shooting their latest top secret movie in a very public location: Austin’s City Limits music fest. And it’s on video.

Not just because Malick used to have a reputation as a guy who worked very slowly and rarely (he’s basically churning em out these days), but just because it’s hard to imagine most people caring enough to do the work of filming and photographing. But when Malick has Christian Bale with him and they show up to shoot at the Austin City Limits music festival - well, they’re going to end up on Twitter.

And did they ever. Dozens, if not hundreds of photos of Malick and Bale showed up on Twitter. And then there’s this video below, where you can actually see Malick giving Bale direction. While the guy who took this video is obviously sort of a ding dong - give the people some space to work! - it’s still amazing to see this in action. Malick is the most reclusive modern filmmaker, and getting to see him in action more or less live is very cool.

Thanks to @jarrettem for the heads up about these pictures and video.