Hakuna Matata In Space! AVATAR Coming To Disney Parks

Get together with the natives and run the corporate douchebags off the land! And while you’re at Disney World creating havoc, you can also visit the AVATAR exhibit.

Some of you younger readers won’t remember, but there was this movie Avatar which came out that was kind of a big deal. It made more money than any movie ever before, and it kickstarted a whole wave of 3D movies, which as we know transformed cinema forever. In case you forgot, Avatar is a movie about humans who discover a portal to a world of CGI, sort of like Roger Rabbit, except a whole lot more serious and much more inspired by a 12 year olds’ view of Native Americans. After Avatar nothing was the same except for everything. Everything was pretty much unchanged.

Now Avatar is coming from the CGI world to our own! The official Disney Parks Blog announced that James Cameron will be bringing the mythical Thundercats of Pandorum to the Disney World Resort as part of the Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The idea is that we’re killing off animal species so quickly Disney has to replace them with made up ones, like the Old Na’vi, Thundarr’s Horses and Velociraptors.

From the Disney Parks Blog:

James and his producing partner Jon Landau and their team at Lightstorm Entertainment will serve as creative consultants on the project and will work side-by-side with our Walt Disney Imagineers as we dream up experiences that will take our guests deep into worlds of AVATAR like never before. There are also two sequels to the record setting first film in the works, which will offer more fascinating stories, characters and locations to explore in the AVATAR universe. Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort is planned as the site of the first AVATAR-themed land with construction expected to begin by 2013.

We believe Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a great fit for this project because it was created to give guests the opportunity to experience the worlds of animals and nature – real and mythical – in new ways. Disney’s Animal Kingdom also celebrates adventure, living in harmony with nature and environmental stewardship – themes that are deeply rooted in the story of AVATAR.

The eventual goal of the exhibit is to have you team up with the animatronic animals, kill all the Disney employees and return the land of Disney World to the consciousness of the world, known as Enya.

Thanks to Yaytez for the heads up.